Assistant Professor of Finance
Carroll School of ManagementBoston College

Curriculum Vitae

Published Papers

Central Bank Communication and the Yield Curve (w/ Andrea Vedolin, Paul Whelan and Gyuri Venter), Journal of Financial Economics (2021)

Working Papers

Inflation and the Price of Real Assets (w/ Monika Piazzesi, Ciaran Rogers and Martin Schneider), Under revision for Review of Economic Studies 

Financial and Total Wealth Inequality with Declining Interest Rates (w/ Daniel Greenwald, Hanno Lustig and Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh)

Work In Progress

Heterogeneous Intermediaries and Bond Characteristics in the Transmission of Monetary Policy (w/ Fédéric Holm-Hadulla)
[Accepted  for presentation at AFA 2024]

Household Portfolios, Monetary Policy and Asset Prices (w/ Ciaran Rogers)  

[Accepted for presentation at SED 2019, MFM Workshop, Central Bank of Ireland Seminar, EEA Meeting, Columbia  University (Youth Economist Symposium)]


Central Bank Communication and the Yield Curve: ECB Monetary Policy Shocks can be found here